Sunday, October 16, 2011


There was a gift shop at the Hyde Collection.  I love museum shops because A) They have cool shit, and B) Even though it's overpriced shit, you don't have shopping guilt because the money goes to support the museum.  Therefore, you are not merely a shopper, but also a patron of the arts.  Snooty!

I had to have one of these:

Folds flat.
Insta-vase when filled with water.
Didn't get a chance to pick a bouquet for it because no sooner did I get it set up, it started pissing down rain.  And yeah, I AM still picking bouquets in October.  They aren't as extravagant as the ones I can get in high season but it still counts.  When they're all gone, I'll start buying them at florists and grocery stores.  Did you know that in Europe, flowers are a grocery list staple?  Here we save them for special occasions and illness.  That's just dumb.  More flowers for everyone- go buy some!  (But not from 1-800-FLOWERS.  They suck.  Independent florists are better.)
Last but not least, Keith Haring temporary tattoos.  They were 10 cents each.  Yep, I'm an arts patron.

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-karen. said...

I wonder if the Insta-vase is 100% stable.