Monday, February 11, 2008

Babysitting the Woodstove

This isn't a real blog. I'm just typing random stuff to get that insulin pic to roll over onto the next page. It's grossing me out. I really am babysitting the woodstove though, cuz it's windy today. I'm expecting to see a witch on a bicycle fly by any time now. It's miserably cold (again), but at least there's sun today. Yesterday, the mister and I tried to have an adventure. We drove to the lake, hoping to watch the icefisherpeople, but none of them were out. We made a snowbody instead, but I'm too lazy to load the pictures. Plus I gotta figure out something to wear. My best friend's grandmother died. The wake is tonight. Suck. It's not possible to look proper and not freeze your ass off in this weather.

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