Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Freaks & Geeks

Some explanation? New media technologies are usually adopted by the porno industry first, then the video gamers, and then if they pass both those acid tests, they trickle down to you and me the average consumers. Example: The video rental industry. All those early adopters who bought the first tank-like VCR's weren't watching Steve Martin's The Jerk on them. Something was being jerked, though. Another example: Hardcore gamers pushing their system hardware to the limit for an extra 10 frames per second of fragging accuracy. They constantly tinker with software and hardware until they can run their graphics fast & real. A couple months later, that hardware is fully debugged and on the shelf for cheap.

So yeah. First the Freaks, then the Geeks, then you and me. It's Ink's Technology Trickle Down Theory.

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