Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That Was Intense, Man!

Okay, so I watched the governor resign on TV. Silda was amazing! As soon as Spitzer got the words out, she punched him right in the mouth harder than you'd think a woman that small could hit! Blood was spewing everywhere and then she grabbed the mike and called him a rotten, no-good, dirty-_____ cheatin' bastard! There were hoots and woots from the audience, and lo and behold, there were Spitzer's three lovely daughters dressed as hookers. When questioned, the oldest claimed that they want to grow up to make the big money. "Fuck Harvard- you see where it's gotten my parents," she said. Live TV is awesome. Then a shirtless body builder handed Silda a single red rose and carried her away. Her parting shot was, "I posted your cell phone number on craigslist AND that picture- you know which one, jackass!" There were clowns, though I'm not sure why. And PETA protesters.

Ta-daa! The Aristocrats!

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Anonymous said...

ok,so he is another Self centered,egotisticle,Bastard.which most men are,ecept,your mister and I.