Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Riddle

Q: What do Ray Charles and Eliot Spitzer have in common?

A: Neither one of them is governor of New York.

A2: I didn't make that up. Ink/ my mister did.

Update: Some people have complained about this joke, and questioned the photograph to the right. The guy in the photo is named Paterson, and he's our new guv'nor. He's legally blind, and our first black guv'nor. So he has a lot in common with Ray Charles. But, "What's the difference between Ray Charles and David Paterson?" just isn't a very funny joke. There's lots of boring unfunny answers to that one. Ok, now we can all move on... to Spring!


Atty said...

LOL funny yet true. So who is the fella in the pic?

Anonymous said...

Awright, I've mulled this over and I don't get it.