Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weird Video

Here's how I read it. I'm assuming the following: The weather guy is probably still a little stoned. Those bad jackets are likely a running joke in the studio. No one EVER needs a jacket where they live. The weather report is always the same, day after day, Arthur intoning those same words, "Pretty much ever-where, is gonna be hot."

Now, one day the stoned weather guy has just about had it up to here with the ugly jackets, so he hatches a plan to make them look even more ridiculous. He gets all the on air people to agree to try to work in a reference to the jacket in each newscast. The way it works is you get points based on how much news has gone by at the time that you make your jacket joke. But if you wait too long, someone else gets to it first. There can only be one score per newscast. The theory being that as the program progresses, the tension mounts, and the jacket-reference brinksmanship starts to build up to unbearable levels.

The lady newscaster thinks this is stupid. So she makes a point to say every day after the early weather, "Then I don't need a jacket." In this way, she ends the game early in each program, so that they can all get down to the serious business of reading the news.

It backfires, though, because since the weather guy is a stoner, he thinks this is hilarious.

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