Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ice Cream Rage!!!

I sent this off to the Unilever people today. Sections are repeats from an earlier post, but I'm not sure if they read the blog, so I had to include it.
Dear Unilever,

Well, I see that you are now including tara gum in your ice cream. I used to buy Breyers because it was composed of all natural ingredients. Now I won't be buying your ice cream anymore.

Breyers used to have a wonderful light and crumbly texture that melted on your tongue like weightless deliciousness. Now it feels like some kind of petrochemical goo, or possibly cold shampoo.

Don't give me any guff about tara gum being "natural". Yeah, it comes from the Earth, but it's NOT NATURAL to put it in ice cream. Bird crap is also all natural, but you don't put THAT in your ice cream do you?

I mean seriously, did your grandmother's ice cream recipe call for "gum" of any kind? I think not, and I rest my case. Here's a real ice cream recipe, since you seem to have forgotten how to make proper ice cream:

* eggs
* sugar
* salt
* vanilla extract
* cream
* milk

* chipped ice
* rock salt

And that's all.

Seriously, I am so pissed off at you guys right now. You had the one good real traditional ice cream on the market, and you ruined it.

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Anonymous said...

There is usually eggs in ice cream? Thats just nasty...