Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Play...

What's in the bag?

Why, it's shit! Llama shit. I think this is a rather snazzy way to sell shit. Now let's see what it does for the tomatoes this year. It's supposed to be seriously good stuff. Perhaps it is Holy Shit.

PS: The 40 of Big Bear is for the slugs, not for us. We're not giving them the good beer.

PSS: We took a field trip to Wunsapana Farm but forgot to bring the camera. They were having an Open Barn day. It is a lovely, peaceful place. I did not know this, but llamas have a really nice vibe! They made the mister smile which he didn't do much of this weekend because he had a bad cold. Llama therapy. Awesome.


Boredom said...

Llama Beans ? You really do want to hope this IS Llama shit, otherwise them little beans could grow into big Llamas !

Broken Barn Industries said...

I wouldn't mind a llama or two if we had room. Oh wait, we DO have room- in the barn field!