Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We've Got Mail!

Lookee what just came in the mail:

I went to your blog and while mostly amusing, you could have warned a sista’ about the dead bunny pictures.  I think I am going to have to refrain from visiting the site if I can expect more poor defenseless dead animal pictures.  I wonder what PETA would think?  I hope you are happy that my peaceful sleep will now be plagued with nightmares of little bunnies being slaughter. 
May the Lord be with you! 
A letter from a concerned descendant of the Swiss Family Robinson’s.  
[name redacted by management]

Oh dear, how distressing- I've offended an obviously sensitive soul!  However shall I remedy this?!  Oh, here, you nitwit Ms. Robinson:

Look, the bunnies fight back, honest!  I learned it on the internet.  They really are NOT defenseless, you see?  Barney himself claims self-defense.  Ms. Robinson (or is it MRS.???), I promise never to post another picture of a dead bunny.  What Barney does on his own time with my log-in is really beyond my control.

Dear Everyone Else,

I do not and have not ever seen a dead bunny on this blog.  Have you?  I didn't think so.  This whole situation reminds me of this quote:  "We discovered that the scrupulously strict were correspondently keen to discern suggestions of dead bunnies where nobody else would think of looking for them." - Minna Everleigh, Chicago madam

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-karen. said...

I'm sure new bunnehs have sprouted up already to replace those other ones we have no proof of ever having died.