Friday, July 15, 2011

About That Target Thing...

Remember how Target pissed me off on Wednesday?  (If you don't, click here).  Then my mister fixed it (see here).  I still planned on using my finest stationary to write the CEO of Target a letter since he couldn't be bothered to return my calls.

Then the phone rang yesterday afternoon.  Well, well, well, it's Peter, calling on behalf of the CEO of Target!

Let me just tell you, Peter got an earful.  Both ears.  See, I think some people think I'm all upset over a "first world" or "luxury" problem.  That's not why I'm upset.  I'm upset because I think when people treat others like shit, they should be called on it instead of being allowed to get away with it.  

Anyhow, Peter says they'd like to remedy the problem by giving me a $35 gift card (I knew that was coming).  I was all, "Peter, I'd much rather have a letter of apology- and not from you.  YOU didn't do this to me.  You can spend the $35 on a charity instead."  He said the letter would come and he'd look into the gift card charity thingy.  Five minutes later he called back and said it wouldn't work well but that they'd still like to send it so I can use it on the charity of my choice.  Peter is pretty good at his job but I did point out to him that it took more than 24 hours for them to address the problem I had in the first place.  I also let him know that I cross- posted my little rant to other places on the internets.  I'm noisy like that.  I forgot to tell him how insulted I am that he thinks my lost time is only worth $35.

So now I've got a gift card coming my way that I have zero interest in using, but I sure won't let it go to waste.  And this is just becoming sport for me.  I'm going to write to the NYS Attorney General to find out if it's legal for Target to limit gift card usage on their site.  It probably is but on the off chance that it isn't, they should definitely be busted for it.  

Also just for fun, I called customer service today to see if someone could tell me WHY you're only allowed to use four at a time.  One half hour total, five transfers, five dunnos (one of whom was very snotty), and one "We're upgrading soon so that might change."  If you five people are reading, I'm sorry for wasting your time today.  I am not, however, sorry for wasting Target's time.

The End?

PS:  I find it fascinating that not ONCE during that half hour did I get disconnected like I did repeatedly on Wednesday.

PSS:  Four of those five people told me that I could take the cards to a Target store and exchange them for larger denominations.  To quote my mister's post, "Basically, Target does not want to do business online.  Their online shopping experience is designed to get you into the store."

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