Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lunchtime Field Trip!

I went to the big city to have lunch at my friend Bob's house.  (Bob is a girl, just so you know.)  First you pass through the grape arbor and gardens.

Pretty!  (Sorry about the misty shot- camera got rained on.)

Bob is shy about being photographed but she was okay with me showing you this portrait of herself.

She rang the servants to bring us lunch... this lovely picnic basket.

Then we hit the wine cellar- hard.

Hadda ask her if I could use the loo after that.

Ah, better!  But that chain was a bitch to pull.

Then we went and got matching tattoos*.  We're pals like that.

After that, Bob's car broke.  She calls this one The Bitch.  It's a 2005.

Fortunately, she had The Beast for backup.  It's a 1986 and remarkably reliable.  Appearances can be deceiving.

Okay, I lied.  It was really this guy's mansion (though Bob's mom really did design the gardens).
The End.

*Okay, that part was a lie too. 

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