Friday, July 1, 2011


Oh look, a swing!

What a peaceful place for lunch.

That is one seriously majestic silver maple.
No food pix today, just this.  When we're not gardening, we usually sit in the screen house.  The bugs have been horrendous this year with all the rain.  From there, we have an awesome view of the flowers and the front yard.  The only problem is that it's easy to find yourself looking around and seeing chores that need doing. 

A few nights ago whilst wandering, I stopped to rest at the swing in the back yard and realized what a different vibe it has from where we normally sit.  The screen house/fort view is bright and exciting and wonderful in its own way.  This spot is just peaceful, clear-your-head green.  And on nice breezy days like today, it'd be a perfect spot for lunch.  Wanna come over?

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