Friday, July 1, 2011

Best June 30 Ever

You know how some days are bad not because of one horrid event, but a series of everything-going-wrong small events?  I hate those days.  Yesterday I had the total opposite of that- every little thing went right.  It started with those awesome flowers first thing in the morning.  Then I found almost all the stuff I was shopping for, including lampshades (two for a dollar!).  I even scored the movie "Up" at the library which I've been dying to see and never seems to be in.  And there was a flower growing between the curb and the street.  All of my parking spots were good.  Other drivers weren't assholes.  I swear all the lights were green too.

By the time I got home I was thinking that this day couldn't get much better.  I was wrong:

I don't really have a bucket list, but if I did, holding a baby skunk would be on it.  And guess what my dad showed up with?  At the horse rescue, they had to trap some skunks that were trying to live in one of the barns.  He brought two of them over to visit.  And I got to hold them!  Skunk, you complete me.  Sorry, Mister.  I'm in love with a skunk.  (Kidding.)  After that, we made spaghetti:

 And watched a movie.

The evening light looked like this:

And the clematis was blooming.

The End.


Red Blogger said...

I want a skunk !

Broken Barn Industries said...

Do you have them in the UK?

Mary Hysong said...

Oh what a wonderful day...zippity do dah! Made me feel good just reading your post. Tho I could do without the skunks, will not go on here about all the nasty things they do (besides spray). I had an awesome day like that too, a couple of months ago. pics on my blog here;

i love to read up on what you are doing and love all your flower pics!

Broken Barn Industries said...

Thanks for the link, Mary. That coatimundi is WEIRD! Reminds me of the fishers we have here.