Friday, July 1, 2011

The True and Fairly Boring Story Behind the Thursday Trophy Pictures

A simple incident with a bizarre cast of characters:  First, I accidentally locked the keys in Teller's car when we went out to get smokes.  Almost immediately, a volunteer fireman came out of the beverage center and called the non-emergency police number for us.  Cool.  But Teller, realizing that it was getting near rush hour, decided to try for faster help.  

First, she went into the store and asked for a coat hanger.  That guy didn't have one but directed her to the warehouse.  That's when the guy in the top photo comes in.  First Guy tried his level best to jimmy the lock and almost got it (while flirting with Teller).  Then the guy in the second photo came out of the store.  He seemed on friendly terms with First Guy and asked if he could take a turn trying.  

Second Guy was from the UK, the result, he said, of  "misspent youth".  After about 20 minutes of this, the local police showed up and made quick work of it but not before Second Guy begged the cop for "just 30 more seconds... I'm so close!" (with a British accent, of course).  The guy coming out of the store in the third pic wasn't involved, just nosy.  Ditto a Kurt Vonnegut look-alike who was watching from his pick up truck the whole time and offering silly commentary.  I get the feeling not a lot of action happens in their town.

The story ends with a photo of Teller hugging the cop which I won't publish here due to privacy concerns.  I mean, she's already practically a rock star as far as I'm concerned.  

The End.

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