Saturday, July 9, 2011

Monster Goes to the Vet

Monster had his annual appointment yesterday.  Me, I have post-traumatic vet syndrome because even though I love my vet, every time I have to go, I remember animals I've had to have put down there.  I'm always afraid Monster's gonna get some horrid diagnosis even though he seems fine.  

He is indeed totally fine- nice clean bill of health except for one thing:  He gained five damned pounds!  It's tough to track his weight because it hides under all that fur and he doesn't exactly fit on the bathroom scale.  We both gained weight this past winter because of my broken leg.  Guess we gotta get a move on.

However, since the visit was so stressful for both of us, we totally deserved some KFC after.  And then brie and crackers last night. 

Monster says, "We'll start our diet tomorrow.  We swear."


Sid said...

Diet's always start on Monday's !!

Monster said...

Hmmmm. Is not Mondays.