Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dispatch From Irene

We worked hard yesterday!  We were expecting company for dinner, but we weren't expecting Irene so instead of just cleaning the house and doing all the normal company-is-coming stuff, we also had to bring in something like 60 houseplants.  Then we had to open up the fort, tie it down extra and empty it out.  And load all the lawn furniture and what-nots into the shed.  

Friday night we were out scoring a generator.  The basement routinely floods here so there is a pump down there- plus two back up pumps.  If the power goes out, we could potentially lose the furnace, hot water heater and everything else down there.  There's still a water line on the furnace from 1999 when the power went out during hurricane Floyd.  Because my mister is extra awesome, he was able to get it going again after the power came back and the water receded.  He does not want to go through that again.  As of right now we still have power (obviously) so I am getting the posts for the day done and scheduled while I still can.  Priorities, people!  And admit it, you'd be lost without my usual 500 posts a day!  

Right now it's raining and a bit blowy here and there.  My mister has moved the cars away from big scary silver maple.  We saved some drinking water and our buckets are out there filling so we have flushing water (well pump).  I made extra ice.  And frankly, this is just weird.  I've never had to prepare for a hurricane before.  I don't remember doing anything to get ready for Floyd or being impacted by it in any way- I didn't live here then.  So far only one pump is having to kick on in the basement.  We expect the second one will have to kick on to keep up before this is over.

And really, there's been a lot of excitement around here lately so this rainy, dark, quiet day has just been peaceful so far.  Let's hope that's all it turns out to be. 

Empty fort

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