Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fantasy Weddings Part One: Wedding Favors

Okay, so we're not gonna be on a reality show and make tons of money when we get married.  I think that's bullshit because our wedding is gonna be cool.  Probably way cooler than Kim Kardashian's.  I mean, she has all that money and did she really do anything creative with it on her wedding day?  No.  Here is one thing she could have done:

A box of live quail.  
Most wedding favors are pretty boring, especially to guys.  May I suggest live quail?  You can order them here.  Instead of catching a garter, each guy gets a gun and then you release the quail.  Granted, not all of them will hit one, but that's part of the fun- nothing like a little friendly competition while bearing arms!

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