Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey. I have an idea.

This is last night's sunset.  Look at that shit.  It looks like a fucking painting of Italy, except for one thing:  Pretty sure that Italy is NOT defaced with old-school telephone poles and wires.  Lots of places aren't.  They've replaced all the old shit with underground stuff.  It looks way nicer and doesn't get fucked up every time a storm like Irene shows up, which brings us to my amazing, brilliant idea.

Tons of people are out of work and this country is really suffering.  I say let's fix the infrastructure.  Give people jobs.  Make it pretty.  This is supposed to be America the Beautiful, for fuck's sake.  C'mon, Mr. Obama.  Let's get some Roosevelt action up in this joint- WPA all the way.

This message has been brought to you by The Angry Gardener.  I get pissed off when my sunsets are messed up, dig?

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