Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Know You're Having Garden Withdrawal When...

Flattened broom corn
  • Your fingernails have been clean for two weeks or more
  • The weeds act like it's still high season
  • Ripe tomatoes are dropping from the vine
  • The damned bird feeder is empty again
  • The broom corn that got felled by the hurricane/ tropical storm still hasn't been staked
We've been too busy hammering out wedding stuff to really go out there much though the Mister did mow last weekend and do some weeding.  Me, I'm looking longingly out the window while I write my lists and do my stuffs.  I can't imagine having much left in the way of energy after the wedding, but I sure do hope there's some left in me, even if only to sit and read out there and bask in what's left of this year's sun.  Now I gotta go- final fitting today- woohoo!


Red Blogger said...

Wow, this wedding is coming on quickly huh ? Are you sure there's nothing you want to tell us ? But ... do we have a date yet ? I mean, I have a hat to buy !

ann said...

You are planning a wedding. I have gone back to work. Your list reflects mine, except for the broom corn. Don't have any. All this wedding excitement. I do hope you share photos.