Saturday, October 15, 2011

Field Trip!

Will we drive over an hour to see one tiny REAL Maurice Sendak illustration?  You betcha.  The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, New York is doing a special exhibit on children's book illustrations.  I love that shit and the mister was game as well.  Some true things:  The Hydes were rich people who owned a paper mill.  The museum itself is their actual amazing house.  You can still see a working paper mill right from the windows.

Finch Paper Mill
How's that for a firewood pile?  Anyway, we looked at the book exhibit first.  

Tiny Sendak rendered large for your enjoyment.  
I liked this one a lot too:

Mind you, I was busily making a list of kids' books to check out next time I go to the library on my special "Dear Fuckface" stationary.  I had to be all stealthy and shit so no little kids could see the header.  Literate babies are easily offended, or at least their moms probably are.  Funny thing, though, is that there were actually very few kids in attendance but lots of adults.

The mister liked this one.
We both liked the German cut-out book.
Cut and glue the story yourself.
This series of books was really cool.  They tell the story and based on that, you cut out all the furniture and accessories and glue them into the book yourself.  There are some objects that have no specific place.  You get to choose where to glue them yourself.  I like this particular one because the child or adult was clearly on some drugs or has a distorted perception disorder.  (Pardon the bad picture- the book was under glass and lights.)

After the book stuff, we toured the house itself which is full of art and furniture that the family collected.  Eight rooms around a central indoor courtyard with amazing light.

Absolutely my favorite type of stuff- tempera religious icons.  I just love the colors, regardless of subject matter.
Another one.  Look at the blue on the guy on the right.  1400s.  Nice steal score, Hydes!
The indoor courtyard.
The skylight above the courtyard.
A Picasso wayyyy upstate.  Good eye, Hydes!
And last but not least, my absolute favorite:

Angel, circa 1350.  I definitely want her on MY side.


Reader Skeeter said...

In Glens Falls? I can't believe I never went there! Damn...

Broken Barn Industries said...

We'll just have to take a field trip next time you're up! I still haven't seen Storm King or Olana and those are fairly close to home too. And then there's one in Canajoharie that's got some Winslow Homers- lots of art tucked away upstate!