Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Kill

I was telling someone (CG, maybe) about getting a shot of a Cooper's hawk killing a sparrow from my window last winter.  Didn't post it because I hardly blog during depths of hell season winter.  Here ya go:

Cooper's hawk (possibly sharp-shinned hawk), dead sparrow
Dead bird remains in center, wing prints in the snow
I had just scattered seed on top of the snow the day before for the ground feeders.  Right after I did it, I had a passing thought:  "Oooh.  I think I just set up a raptor feeding station!"  Sure enough, the following morning as I was passing through the living room, something FAST shot by.  I ran to the office window in time to see the hawk crushing the bird in its talons.  I was able to get two shots, shaking with excitement the whole time, before he spotted me through the window and took off.

The following week a red-tailed hawk swooped right up to the window here and snatched a fat starling who was gorging himself on a bowl of bacon grease I'd put out.  Didn't get a shot of that but it was SO cool to see that happen ten feet from where I'm sitting!  I'm looking forward to more bloodshed this winter.

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cottage gardener said...

yes, it was me, you were telling the hawk tale to.....OMG! He's beautiful!....even while in a killing frenzy!