Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Night

I had to suit up and go brush snow off my fort.  (Yes, that is real mohair.  Hot pink mohair.)

This morning Monster had to deal with ice crashing down at him from his lead.

This sunflower now looks like shit.

I think I'll just go sit over here.

Or in here, where the flowers are still blooming.


cottage gardener said...

LOVE your snow gear! You look like one of those "Wild Things" from the Maurice Sednack Book!But the pink mohair makes you just a bit cuter! Maurice would agree, I think.

Broken Barn Industries said...

My mister says I look scary!

Reader Skeeter said...

I was there for the discovery of the magnificent pink mohair. :)

Broken Barn Industries said...

You were the CATALYST for the pink mohair, Reader Skeeter! I am still grateful as is the mister- he loves that coat!

MizFannie™ said...

I am lovin the Pink Mohair! I am also loving the most recent bloom!

PS. I am not liking the weather forecast :(

Broken Barn Industries said...

Oh the forecast is just SHIT, Fannie!