Monday, October 10, 2011

Ticked Off Redux

K, so this is still one of my favorite wedding presents.  Know why?  This morning I woke to a fucking tick on my arm.  My mister went right downstairs for the Ticked Off thingy and removed it for me and it didn't even hurt!  Gross, but most awesome.  *Swoon*  I love married life.  I'll have to save him next time he gets one.  Then we'll be just like chimps.


ann said...

We hate ticks too. Here we have Rocky Mountain Spotted ticks that cause Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. They come out in early summer. My aunt said when the red ants were out, the ticks were out. They live in the mountains. After a trip the mountains the ritual always was to strip down and search the kids' bodies for ticks. My husband always seems to attract them. Your method of removal is so civilized. We'd light a match then stick the hot tip on the tick, making it back out. The biggest fear was leaving the head in embedded in the skin. Did you really want to know all of this? I hope so.

Broken Barn Industries said...

Gross but important stuff, Ann. Here the concern is Lyme disease. I would definitely recommend this tool- it's the best thing we've found yet! Just pulled two more off Barney. There seems to be a late season resurgence with the warm weather we've been having- almost 80 the past two days.

Sid said...

I was ticked off once !!!