Friday, February 8, 2008

F(*&^*&%g February

The only rude thing I did yesterday was my "screw her" to Bam, and it worked- she left me an outraged offline. It was fake outrage though. Me, my outrage is real. I have been corresponding with a breeder nearby. REALLY nearby. And she's planning a litter this spring. I finally got up the nerve to ask her how much. Wait for it: $1000. And that's not show quality. ARE THE PUPPIES MADE OF HASHEESH??? Maybe I should cross over to the dark side and just start my own puppy mill. Morals are so annoying. My mister says that you can't die from not having a puppy, but I think he's wrong. He also says the puppy dealers should call it like it is, enough of this mincing words- "If you give me $1000, I'll let my dog f---".

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