Friday, February 8, 2008

I didn't solve Britney, but I invented the iPhone.

Now Apple can send me a cease & desist. To be fair, my iNKphone is not like an iPhone because it encompasses your entire online presence in a simple dashboard interface, including voice, email, web, chat, blog, text, mood, contact management, terrestrial and satellite radio & video, mp3, dvr, rss feeds, unlimited storage, real time weather, gps with mapping, etc. It is all things to all people. And nobody on the Today Show already said it. So far as I know.


Sid said...

Now you can buy you a little dooooogie,wit u, money,for your invention,wayyyyyyyyy to go.Im roooootin fur ya.

Sid said...

Speaking of INK, did you know that, paper will not refuse ink! So everything you read is not always true!!Or is it ????