Monday, October 5, 2009

More Art. Or IS it? Dadaism Meets Doodooism

Movement Around the Movement (2009)
Olive Labrador, Shit on Kentucky Bluegrass with Leaves

Ms. Labrador, once known for her smaller works, is now exploring slightly larger pieces as part of her current exploration of the way humans use space. This piece is meant to call attention to the lack of mindfulness endemic to human culture. Her use of irony here is apparent in the placement of the disparate pieces coming together in a way reminiscent of human DNA.

The artist: Active since 2004, Olive Labrador is a Toronto native known locally for her public pieces. Her favorite mediums include carpet, grass and linoleum. Her inspirations come from the mundane as well as the sacred- frisbees, corn cobs and the smell of human butt. Her work has been exhibited in various public venues. One of her better known pieces is Notes On Imported Wool Rug.

This piece is on loan thanks to the generous support of anonymous Canadian patrons.

PS: I'm tempted to send the museum a link to this post as explanation for why we didn't give them their "suggested" donation.

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