Monday, October 5, 2009

Upon further reflection...

"Arlene Shechet’s recent glazed ceramic objects float, twist, and puff up atop stacks of unadorned concrete, plaster, wood, and steel. While Shechet has worked in sculpture for over two decades, these new works shift away from her earlier explorations of iconographic Buddhist imagery toward more abstract forms and combinations. Confounding any single reading, they hover in the fertile space between East and West, secular and sacred, and modern and ancient." source here

The top piece is from the museum we went to. This one is from here. I'll take the garbage can any day. The write up is more believable. (Click to make it big enough to read).

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The Right Rev'd said...

What the fuck!!! Was that written by some asshole, 80 yr. old art collector. My vote goes to the dogshit. What is that smell??? Must be the garbage can.