Thursday, June 30, 2011

And This Week's Thursday Trophy Goes to...


Karen from Brainure!  Congratulations and please feel free to leave your acceptance speech in comments!

On behalf of the mister and myself, I will say that even with only two entrants, this was an extremely tough contest to judge.  In the end, we decided that "Anonymous," the other entrant, was somehow up to something.  I think it goes without saying that this contest was open to amateurs only.  However, since I can't prove anything I am going to do something a little unorthodox.

I hereby award "Anonymous" this second place trophy because I can't ignore the beauty of this bit of his/ her writing:  "She and Moses had met, ironically enough, at an AA meeting in Tallahassee. The attraction was so immediate and hard that they fell off the wagon together and into Kelly's bed."
Again, congratulations to both of you and may your pens never run out of ink!  Now someone please get me a tissue.

PS:  Click here if you'd like to read the winning entries.
PSS:  "Anonymous," I think you should out yourself.  Are you the crazy bunny lover?


Anonymous said...

I love bunnies and I'm crazy, but I am not THE crazy bunny lover. Congratulations to Karen!

Anonymous said...

the bunny lover, perhaps?

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