Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home again, Finnegan

I was too busy unpacking and whatnotting yesterday to post when I got home.  For instance, it was very necessary to tour the garden while I waited for my mister to come home from work.  It was rainy and damp enough to justify chicken soup for dinner.   And of course Monster needed hugging.  Barney just needed food.  He does not do hugs. You know.  Whatnots.  

Anyway, this is the sign my lovely friend* had in the screen house part of the camper.  I sat facing it.  A lot.  I liked it so much that one night I copied it into my notebook over and over, Bart Simpson style.  Hopefully it'll keep the Angry Gardener in check, eh?

*All of my friends are lovely so I have decided to give them pseudonyms here so as to avoid confusion.  Camping friend shall henceforth be known as Teller, but not like Teller from Penn and Teller.  In fact, very unlike that Teller.  He never talks.  My Teller always talks.  She is a truth teller and a story teller.  Even the stories are true.

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