Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ask the Angry Gardener

Here we go again...

Dear Angry Gardener,
How did you start composting?
Do you poo in a bucket to contribute to the compost like Ed Begley Jr does?
Does Monster?


Dear Karen,

If you wanna shit on your banana tree, that's your business.  Do let us know how it turns out.  We just take our vegetable and garden scraps and put them in a pile in the woods.  Once in a while we give it a turn with a pitch fork to move things along.  I'd mail you some Monster shit, but I think that's illegal and not nearly as nice as mangoes.

The Angry Gardener

PS:  Thank you for another awesome banana video.

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Ink said...

Also, just to be clear, we don't use any human, animal, or pet waste in our compost. Pretty much only vegetable matter goes in there, unless you count egg shells.

The only "meat" that we use in the garden is the occasional dead aquarium fish. And they usually just go straight into the beds. Come to think of it, the fish usually die in winter, and so they just get thrown in the general direction of where we want a thing to grow.

Also, we are careful about not composting mature weeds that are full of seed. Seeds can survive composting and just infect your garden at a later time.