Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Mango in Upstate New York

Mango mayo base

Add bacon (required)

Start experimenting with other ingredients

Destroy delicious sandwich!

We had one mango left last night.  And an inspiration.  Why not MLBs instead of BLTs?  It was one of those ideas that sounded weird at first but the more we thought about it, the more sense it made.  We didn't have any lettuce on hand, so we just got out a bunch of stuff and started experimenting.  The mister tried his with basil and red onion.  I tried a bit of mine with chocolate mint leaves.  Mango is kinda subtle so I thought the basil, mint and onions were too overpowering.  The mint was okay if I broke it into little tiny pieces and didn't use much of it.  Ultimately we decided that a mild green lettuce would have been best but holy shit these sandwiches were good.

Here's the combo that I liked best:

Mayo on toasted bread
A little Grey Poupon on one side
Slices of mango (as thick as you'd slice a tomato for a sandwich)
A little black pepper
Bacon (fuck yeah)
Imaginary mild lettuce

The mister liked all of the above but he used a different spicy mustard plus onion and basil.  This is a juicy, messy, greasy, to-die-for sandwich!  I think we should call them Bangoes instead of MLBs since everything other than the mangoes and bacon is optional.


Red Blogger said...

Ewwwww !!!

-karen. said...

bangoes...I love it.
and will try it.
experiments rule.

Broken Barn Industries said...

Red, stick with your bangers and mash- nice, safe, weird British food!

MizFannie™ said...

I am going to have to try this - BTW you write wonderful food porn

Broken Barn Industries said...

This sandwich was to DIE for, MizFannie. Highly recommend! And thank you- I think it's my first real food porn lol.