Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Confession and a Garden Tour

You may have noticed that a lot of the recent posts here do not feature any pictures of our garden.  It's like this:  The Mister works full time so the bulk of routine garden maintenance is up to me.  Well, July was wretchedly hot.  So was the beginning of August.  I got a little weeding done here and there but truth be told, I have NOT kept up with it very well.  So now there are lots of weeds and just plain old fatigue.  The plants are tired and so am I.  Here is the photographic evidence along with some bright spots.

Rose campion and echinacea crapping out front and center.
Harry Lauder's Walking Stick decimated by Japanese beetles.   
Daylily stalks yellowing with age in a weedy bed.

Oooh, a zinnia hiding behind iris swords!


Castor blooming.

Volunteer sunflower.

Weeds, weeds, weeds.  Hey wait, what's that red thing?

The first hibiscus of the season- yay!  I guess it's not THAT bad out there!


-karen. said...

we tried growing tomatoes a couple years ago but the worms kept eating them.
also, why does your hibiscus have points?

Broken Barn Industries said...

I think it looks pointy because it was still in the process of opening for the day when I took the pic.

ann said...

Looks pretty good in the garden. We are all tired of this bloody heat!