Friday, August 5, 2011

Monster Goes on a Date

Her name is Claudia and Bob is her person.  I call her Claudabelle.

They have a lot in common.  Like extremely fluffy tails.

He took her out for a drink.

And a tour of the rose garden.  Monster is romantic like that.

More drinks.

And a flower for the lady.


-karen. said...

as with most good relationships....built upon drinks and physical attraction.

Sid said...

Did he go al theeeeeeeeeeeee wayyyyyyyyyyyyy??

Broken Barn Industries said...

Now Sid, Monster is neutered, plus this was a supervised date. Also, I think she's a little too tall for him though I'm sure the puppies would be beyond cute.

cottage gardener said...

I feel jealous!

MizFannie™ said...

I hear "puppy Love" in my mind's ear

Broken Barn Industries said...

CG, we'll have to bring Jack along for an outing. They can be each other's wingmen!